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> Design and programming of major electronic stores.
> Carry out electronic marketing operations to the shops to reach the global and sell your products in any country in the world.
> Providing export marketing services to all countries of the world, as well as providing the best offers of shipping and supply to
   importers from around the world.
> Make safe payments by all electronic means and also pay through bank transfers.

We also offer our customers a complete set of secure payment systems through their websites including:

> Payment by credit cards (Visa and Master) in a safe and confidential manner.
> Payment by electronic banks (PayPal, MoneyBookers).
> Payment by bank transfer.
> Payment by special transfers such as Western Union.
> Paiement when recieving.
> Payment by cashU cards.
> Payment in Store (Instant Service)

Customer Service "CRM"

Where we offer a mix of policies and strategies to satisfy customers, and provide a means to track the situation of the customer whether satisfied with the services or products of suggestions or criticisms to improve the service provided to him and to reach the degree of dazzling him. We use social media to attract and communicate with customers. With a number of weekly or monthly reports on the performance of different social networking sites, we have a dedicated customer service team with communication and leadership skills with the customer and crisis management on social networking sites.

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