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Business Consultation


Business Consultation Services :

We have a distinguished team that consistently delivers outstanding results, combining creative ideas and integrating them with our vast experience in planning, analyzing and implementing technical project management studies We offer a wide range of Business Consultation to clients including:

First: Services to develop and improve the efficiency and performance of institutions
-Develop general strategies or corporate strategies.
-Develop standards for measuring strategic performance.
-Apply strategies and transform initiatives into strategic projects.
-Adapting the institutional structure to its strategic direction.
-Process engineering and policy development for the organization of procedures.
-Development and measurement of operational performance.
Second: Technical services
-Study the technical requirements of the systems.
-Development of computer systems.
-Application and activation of computer systems.
-Linking computer systems and integration and integration of databases.
-Experience systems and quality assurance.
-Linking systems to peripheral technologies (medical devices, industrial control devices, power controllers) .
-Review existing systems and identify requirements for their promotion.
-Provision of experts and engineers resident for extended periods according to the needs of customers.
-Developing and managing IT strategies.

Third: technical supervision services on technical projects
-Study the needs of projects and develop their business domains.
-Preparation of technical specifications for the required works and equipment.
-Preparation of parts and technical annexes for tender booklets.
-Technical evaluation of bids received for tenders, preparation of evaluation reports and technical advice on the selection of the best offer .
-Supervising the implementation of projects.
-Technical receipt of projects and equipment and preparation of technical reports of the receipt.
-Quality assurance of technical and technical project development stages.
-Provide technical advice to rectify the course of projects that are in need or late.
-Evaluate the outputs of the completed projects.
-Development Solution For Entrepreneur.
-Provide feasibility studies.
-Development of strategic business plans.
-Monitoring implementation and performance measurement (KPIs) and more for Ensure the Success projects .

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