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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is a technique of moving graphics, usually adding some types of sound such as sound effects and music, and used animation in the manufacture of images and video, and is one of the best means of communication where it can through the delivery of the message in a fun way through images, Sound, this interactive animation makes it an ability to attract your audience to your brand , For this reason you should give great attention to the graphics in your marketing campaigns.

At " MDS"  we follow several steps to produce a premium graphic feature:

The Story
The design movement that attracts the attention of the public stems from the quality of the story behind the design so we take care to write the script well

The choice of visual style is very important and it reflects the spirit of the brand and makes it distinctive and unique

Sound commentators, sound effects and background sounds are the most important factors that reflect the spirit of your work to the public

The Movement
Camera transitions and light effects are one of the factors in adding motion to fixed elements of design and making them more effective

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