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Smartphone applications
In today's Arab world, customers are turning to smart phone applications for faster access to the services of their businesses and customers. The latest studies have shown that any organization, private company, government agency, or even individuals should have a smart phone application that offers the same service provided by the website, which showed the increasing decline in the number of users.
You should know that smart phone applications reach your customers wherever they are and provide them with the services, information and news you want to deliver to them and make them accessible to them quickly and easily. Also, it is important that your application works on several platforms and smart phone applications such as iPhone, Android, etc. This increases the access to as many customers as possible.

The most important benefits you get through smart phone applications
We mention here some and the list goes on:
1. Build lasting loyalty between you and your customers
2. Enhance your brand
3. Increase your appearance
4. Increase your accessibility
5. Increase sales
6. Link the mobility and movement of your customers with the services provided to them

Did you know that 4% of those who interact with the email you send to promote your product or service?
Did you know that 97% of those who will interact with your app's smart phone notifications to promote your product or service?

Designing and programming smart phone applications
Zdna is an innovative technology for the design and programming of smart phone applications of all types and sizes, and is confident of your satisfaction through the high quality and design that will be unique to your application.
We put at your disposal engineers with a high degree of experience in this field, they have done many applications in different categories and have relied on them in programming applications for large government agencies.

We have a lot of features!
1. Design and programming applications for iPhone and iPad "iPhone and iPad Apps" on all versions.
2. Design and programming applications Android "Android Apps" on all versions of different sizes.
3. Design and programming Windows Phone Apps "Windows Phone Apps" on all versions.
4. Design and programming BlackBerry applications "Blackberry Apps" on all versions.
5. Direct connectivity of applications with data management sites to ensure data synchronization between site and application.
6. Create local application databases for applications that work outside the network.
7. Enter the "Push Notifications" notification system on the application and give the customer full control over how to send it.
8. Enter the "In-App Purchases" procurement system on the application.
9. Add an Image Gallery to the application.
10. Upload and download files "Download & Upload Files" from the application to the server and vice versa.
11. The installation of complex designs and the effects of mobility and voice and Arabic lines.
12. Install "Admob" ads on the application.
13. Install the Google Analytics service to extract pointers on an application.
14. Installing the "Addthis" service to publish the application and extract indicators of the success of the application in social networks.
15. Link the application to the "Youtube Api" service to view videos downloaded on YouTube channels.
16. Introducing the mapping system and measuring distances on the application "Maps & GPS Directions" and using it in several fields
17. Direct link to the application with social networking pages "Social Network Integration" such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and others.

Types of applications we have done
1. Indicative applications.
2. News applications (blogs and others).
3. Electronic services applications.
4. Accountants' applications.
5. Applications of real estate agents.
6. Applications for cafes and restaurants.
7. Medical and health applications (health and sport centers).
8. Educational applications (schools, universities ...).
10. Social communication applications (tribes, cities, ...).
11. Other applications as requested.

Feel free to communicate with us and you will undoubtedly experience our high level of expertise in this field.

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